Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Avatar the Last Airbender - The Promise, Part 1

Guys, I am so excited. Allison and I get to interview Gene Yang, who recently penned the text for the new Avatar: The Last Airbender graphic novel. For my fellow Avatar lovers out there, this is phenomenal. Go pre-order it now. The action starts *right* where the end of the show left us. Mr. Yang’s writing is so awesome. The illustrations are fun and very show accurate as well. I cannot rave enough. It really stays true to the life and humor of the series. I didn’t think Sokka could be confined to print, but Mr. Yang made it possible. You get to find out what happens after Aang & Katara’s kiss! What happens with Zuko’s mom! AND SO MUCH MORE.

OH MY GOSH SERIOUSLY DO YOU NEED MORE CONVINCING? *channels her inner bender and splashes ice cold water on you.*

GO NOW. GOOO. Pre-order it. Also, if you have any questions you’d like to ask Mr. Yang, who is also the author & illustrator of “American Born Chinese”, a 2006 National Book Award Finalist for Young People's Literature, the winner of the 2007 Eisner Award for Best Graphic Album: New, an Eisner Award nominee for Best Coloring and a 2007 Bank Street - Best Children's Book of the Year, among other graphic novels... please, leave a comment here and I’ll do my best to make sure we ask him during our podcast interview.

I received a digital ARC from the publisher, Dark Horse Comics, for review. It will be hitting shelves on January 25th. We will be interviewing Mr. Yang on the 20th, so leave your questions in a comment on this entry by then!


  1. Awesome! I can't wait to get a copy. Here's my question for Mr. Yang (tell him I loved American Born Chinese, btw). After the movie *insert gagging sound* came out, there was a lot of talk about white-washing the characters from the series. What's his take on where we're at with diversity in graphic novels, anime, and film?

  2. All my three boys, my husband and I followed the series religiously and just watched again recently. It it such a good story and I loved all the characters!


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