About Michelle

Michelle is originally from the Midwest, but has lived out in SoCal for awhile now. She lives in Orange County with her husband, adorable son, two crazy cats, a bunch of betta fish, and one scruffy dog. Her "day job" is as a voice actor. You can hear her on commercials, video games, anime, you name it! She loves what she does and is incredibly grateful to be living her dream.

She adores writing book reviews and is a member of the NBCC and SCWBI. She also co-hosts a YA literature & music podcast called Authors are ROCKSTARS!

Random Facts about Michelle:
  • She loves to watch really bad, cheesy romantic movies when she's feeling down.
  • Her favorite food is an apple with homemade sunflower seed butter or zucchini with parmesan.
  • She is a health nut and eats gluten free, grain free, refined sugar free (only agave/honey/coconut sugar) and processed food free. She also eats very little corn and soy.
  • She loves to dance, but is a terrible dancer despite 14 years of dance training.
  • She used to pretend she spoke Japanese by repeating Sailor Moon's speeches over and over again.
  • She has a regency gown (with short stays and chemise) and a medieval gown hanging in her closet.
Well that's enough embarrassing information. Don't you think you should get back to reading? ;)
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