Thursday, August 11, 2011

Vanish by Sophie Jordan

Okay, so let me just start out saying I really like this series. It is such a neat twist on the usual paranormal stuff out there. If you haven’t read it already, go check out my review of “Firelight”.

To steal from my own review and avoid spoilers, here’s my summary:
“This is a tale of love, a love that is powerful and consuming. Will and Jacinda are a modern day Romeo & Juliet. Jacinda is a draki, a race descended from dragons and hunted for their skills and healing properties. She grew up in a sheltered society where she was treasured for her innate draki gift, she’s a fire breather and the first draki with this gift in a very long time. After being forced by her mother to leave the only home and society she’s ever known, she’s thrust into the human world and forced to try to be something she’s not, a normal human girl. This is where she runs into Will, though not their first meeting. Will is from a family of hunters, human beings that do what their name implies, hunt. They capture drakis and use them (or their body parts!) for their own personal gain. Will, though, isn’t like his family. He has a warm heart and he shares a deep connection with Jacinda. For Jacinda, he’s the only thing keeping her from losing who she really is. The question is … is love enough to break every rule, to go against everything they’ve ever known?”

“Vanish” continues RIGHT where “Firelight” left off. It’s almost as if Ms. Jordan just sawed the books in two at that point. So you might want to pick up “Firelight” and re-read it before jumping back in. Otherwise, it’ll be a bit of a bumpy start. “Vanish” focuses more on the draki culture and the love triangle that had started to form in “Firelight” between Jacinda, Will and Cassian, the young draki she was supposed to mate. After returning home, Jacinda and her family have to face the consequences of their actions out in the human world. Jacinda knows it’d be better for everyone if she’d just let her love for Will go, but can she?

This is a solid sequel. While not very much happens action-wise, we learn a lot more about the life Jacinda knew before her mother uprooted her. We also get to know sister and Cassian better and oh boy is Cassian dreamy. *sigh* The action finally kicks it up a notch at the end and we’re left with a doozy of a cliffhanger. GAH!?!? Why isn’t book 3 out yet?! Anyways, a lot of the mysteries posed in book 1 go unanswered in book 2, so if you’re looking for answers, you’ll just have to keep waiting patiently. Or you know, in my case, not so patiently. Poor Jacinda has some major decisions to face and a long road ahead of her. I’m so excited to see how it all plays out.

“Vanish” by Sophie Jordan is published by HarperTeen who sent me an ARC to review. The first book the series, “Firelight” is already on the shelves. “Vanish” will be released on September 6th.

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  1. I the Vanish e-arc and I'm very much looking forward to reading it. I loved Firelight as well. Great review! I appreciate the information that this is not an action packed sequel. It is nice to know so I can adjust my expectation a bit.


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