Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Time for a Hug by Phillis Gershater & Mim Green

Choosing "E's Pick of the Week" today was ridiculously easy. My sister picked this book up for E during her visit to California (she leaves today, sad!) and he hasn't stopped requesting it since. I think everyone in the house has read it to him at least a handful of times and he loves every second of it each time. He squeals with delight when we get to a "time for a hug!" and has started asking "What time is it?" on a daily basis. It's the perfect balance of adorable story, charming illustrations and yes, a wee bit of learning as well. Go through the entire day with the little bunny and learn about what he does at certain times of day. After each section, it's.... you guessed it - TIME FOR A HUG!

You'll fall in love with this beautiful little story right along with your little one. Even if they aren't ready to start learning about time, they'll love the illustrations and all the hugs. It's definitely worth picking up!

"Time for a Hug" is written by the mother/daughter team Phillis Gershator & Mim Green. It is illustrated by David Walker. Sterling Children's Books is the publisher. It was released in January of this year.

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