Monday, May 23, 2011

Firelight by Sophie Jordan

I feel weird writing this for my occasional “oldie, but a goodie” section since it was just released in the fall of 2010. Why not? We’ll just call it “a (not so) oldie, but a (very) goodie”, okay? Before I get into my summary and then the review, let me warn you that it’s best to have a pretty clear calendar for the day when you sit down to read this book. It will suck you in and not let you go until it is done. :)

This is a tale of love, a love that is powerful and consuming. Will and Jacinda are a modern day Romeo & Juliet. Jacinda is a draki, a race descended from dragons and hunted for their skills and healing properties. She grew up in a sheltered society where she was treasured for her innate draki gift, she’s a fire breather and the first draki with this gift in a very long time. After being forced by her mother to leave the only home and society she’s ever known, she’s thrust into the human world and forced to try to be something she’s not, a normal human girl. This is where she runs into Will, though not their first meeting. Will is from a family of hunters, human beings that do what their name implies, hunt. They capture drakis and use them (or their body parts!) for their own personal gain. Will, though, isn’t like his family. He has a warm heart and he shares a deep connection with Jacinda. For Jacinda, he’s the only thing keeping her from losing who she really is. The question is … is love enough to break every rule, to go against everything they’ve ever known?

If you are a fan of young adult paranormal romance, then you should check this book out today. It’s not as action-heavy as some of the others out there, but there are still some intense sequences for my fellow action junkies out there. The romance though is beautiful and Jacinda’s journey of self-discovery is something every teen goes through, draki or mortal. We all have different sides to ourselves and are sometimes forced to choose between them. The draki lore is really interesting and obviously well thought out. I am really looking forward to learning more as soon as the other books in this series are released. If you’re looking for a romance that is full of fiery passion (wah wah wah), look no further. You’ll find it in “Firelight”.

Firelight is published by HarperCollins and is available now at a bookstore near you. The sequel, Vanish, will be released in September of this year. I’ll be reviewing it here, so stay tuned.

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