Tuesday, May 10, 2011

BooBoo by Olivier Dunrea

E’s Pick of the Week comes from the series of books by Olivier Dunrea that are all about quirky goslings. This week’s favorite gosling is BooBoo, a small blue gosling who likes to eat. This book has long been Elliot’s favorite in the series due to the large amount of hummingbirds in it (a favorite animal of his). Though hummingbirds aren’t the only thing on his mind nowadays, he still loves reading about BooBoo’s adventure, as she eats everything that she sees. He especially likes it when we get to the burping part and we make silly noises to represent her burping. The book has a pleasing repetitive nature that children will love. Elliot loves to sign “eat” or say it when we run into the word over and over again. It’s a fun one. Some of the other gosling books have some awkward pacing or odd rhythm, but BooBoo is just as wonderful as the original, another one of E’s favorites, Gossie. :)

BooBoo is published by Houghton Mifflin for Children. It is available in Hardcover, Board Book, and apparently, for your Amazon.com Kindle as well.

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