Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Peter Rabbit Munch by Beatrix Potter

E’s Pick of the Week this week is from the very cool eco-friendly line of Peter Rabbit board books published by Warne (Penguin). His choice this week is “Peter Rabbit Munch”, an adorable little story that teaches children to countdown from 5 to 1! Not only does the book have adorable illustrations, but the pages slowly get chewed away as Peter Rabbit chows down on Mr. MacGregor’s garden. My son absolutely loves the texture of the chewed pages! It’s something new and right now, keeping things new and fresh is really important to keep him focused. I mean, he’s almost 2 years old after all. The world is new and exciting. It’s hard to stop exploring, even to read a book which he loves doing!

We are a very earth conscious family, so having the book come from sustainable and recyclable sources was a really cool added bonus for us. I will definitely be going back to my local bookstore and picking up the rest of the books in the series!

The Peter Rabbit Naturally Better book series is published by Warne (Penguin) and is available at your local bookstore or online.

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