Thursday, April 21, 2011

Abandon by Meg Cabot

Yay for Greek books! I am LOVING these awesome Greek-based paranormal stories like Josephine Angelini’s “Starcrossed” (who will be on next month BTW) and Aimee Carter’s “The Goddess Test”. They have all been so good! It’s like blending together two of my favorite types of story.. historical and fantasy/paranormal. Yum!

Meg Cabot’s addition to the Greek based trend is “Abandon”, which is a set up book for the rest of the series. I have to admit, I was a tad disappointed in this book. Not because it was bad.. I mean it’s Meg Cabot, it’s not going to be BAD. I just wanted more. The action/plot doesn’t really pick up until just before the book is over. It is definitely worth the wait though and I am anxious to read the sequel, “Underworld”. “Abandon” is all set up. You meet our heroine, Pierce, who is very similar to Meg’s other heroines. She’s fun, a bit sassy, and a very well-written teenager. You learn her past, that she had a NDE (near death experience) where she met our broody love interest, John Hayden, the current keeper of her area’s underworld. She escaped the underworld, leaving a heartbroken John in her wake. After her NDE, her life slowly falls apart. Her parents divorce, her friendships deteriorate, and her life just seems wrong. John is also there every step of the way. Her parents, teachers and psychologists say John was never real, but then where did her necklace come from and why does he show up when she’s in trouble? Pierce wants some answers and when she moves back to the island where she first met John, she’s determined to get them.

The back story bounces back and forth between the past and the present and can be a bit disjointed at times. There were a few times I said aloud “Come on Meg!” because Pierce would reveal something so matter-of-fact like that you thought you missed it in the previous pages. However, it would soon unravel and you’d learn the whole story. Everything in the back story tied up neatly in the end, but it was a bit of a bumpy ride.

As I have mentioned, this book is ¾ back story and ¼ plot. Once you get to the juicy, angsty romance and the action sequences at the very end, you will be aching for more. You just have to get there. I promise, it’s worth the wait. Without giving you any spoilers, I’ll just say that Meg Cabot can really write some DEEEEEELICIOUS broody young men. Mm hmm. I cannot wait for the next addition to this series to find out what happens to Pierce and John. Can it please be out already?

“Abandon” is published by Point/Scholastic. I received an ARC to review from the publisher. It is scheduled to be released on April 26th of this year.


  1. I legit just finished reading Abandon, like half an hour ago!

    I am so with you on the 3/4 set up and the 1/4 plot. Honestly, I wish there had been more plot and a little less 'little did I know blah blah.' BUT you are right on with the Meg Cabot writing great male characters.

  2. I know. The plot really was getting interested there at the end. I wish we could have had more of it!


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