Tuesday, February 22, 2011

E's Pick of the Week - The "In My..." series by Sara Gillingham, Illustrations by Lorena Siminovich

E’s “Pick of the Week” this week comes from Sara Gillingham and Petit Collage (Chronicle Books). They are sweet little stories about animals and their homes, told with the help of folksy puppets! E is enamoured with these books. We read the four we own (“In My Den” about a little bear, “In My Pond” about a fish, “In My Tree” about an owl and “In My Nest” about a baby bird) multiple times a day. They are short and sweet little interactive stories that are perfect for those days where your child has “ants in his pants” and can’t sit for a longer story. The illustrations by Lorena Siminovich are really something special, layered die cut pages with lots of things for little ones to discover as they re-read. The puppets are attached to the back cover and book through a hole in the illustrations so that they can talk to your little ones from every page. Each story ends with the little animals snuggled up at home with their family.

This series of books is published by Petit Collage/Chronicle Books and can be found at your local bookstores or online. Check it out today! It is recommend for infants through age 4 according to the publisher’s website.

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  1. I love these books--I always give them as gifts. :)


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