Saturday, October 1, 2011

Giveaway - countdown to 1 year!

Hi folks. I know I know, it's the first of the month which means GIVEAWAY time here at Never Gonna Grow Up! Reviews, but this month is different. We're just two months away from my 1 year anniversary as a blogger and I have something pretty big planned. So, no giveaways for October and November. Instead, I'm going to give you some early tips on how to increase your chances of winning my AWESOME anniversary prizes.

Alright, first tip - COMMENT! If you comment, you'll get extra points. Please don't be lame and just post "this was awesome!" Try to actually read the reviews and comment on the book. I'd love your feedback on how I'm doing as a reviewer and what books really interest you so I can improve in 2012.

Second tip - Become a follower. While I'm not that hung up on my follower number, it still is a nice warm fuzzy to see friendly faces following my reviews. I love my followers. *huggles*

Third tip - Tell a friend. Have them comment on a review and say that they came over here because of you and then of course, something relevant to the review would be nice too.

That's it! I want to reward my followers and those who are active participants here on my blog. I love getting into book discussions and learning what your likes/dislike are. I want to get to know you and when I get to know you, I'll want to give you presents. I like buying presents, ya dig?

Now, for what you really care about... the PRIZES. I have been gathering prizes all year long and am still working on gathering more as I attend signings throughout the rest of this year. I want them to be seeeeeecret so you'll just have to wait to find out.

There are a few more book events over the next couple months and will be picking up so many fabulous signed books and swag. So stay tuned folks. This is a giveaway you do NOT want to miss. Become an active participant here at Never Gonna Grow Up! Reviews and you will be rewarded. ;)


  1. You should really think about getting a tab for just your reviews so they are more easily accessible!

    Ohh this sounds so exciting!

  2. Next two months... :) . waiting to find out

  3. @Ashley - I'm confused. This blog is mostly just reviews. Not sure what sort of tab you're talking about. :) You can click on the month on the side and see all the posts for that month with book titles, etc. :)

    @Donotcrack - You're welcome! Be sure to check things out, comment, and have fun. :D I'm so excited about this giveaway.


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