Thursday, October 6, 2011

Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor

As I sit here, attempting to put my feelings into words, I keep hearing a little scene from Wayne’s World (yes, I know):

I do not feel worthy to try and use my measly words to describe the beauty of Laini Taylor’s “Daughter of Smoke and Bone”. Nothing I could say could even begin to make you realize how wonderful and magical this book is. Laini Taylor is a master seductress - her words will draw you in with their beauty and then they will never you go. Weeks later, you’ll still thirsty for her words.

Karou is an art student in Prague. She fills her sketchbooks with magical creatures and tells her friends stories about them. Little do they know... these demonic creatures are actually real and are the only family that Karou’s ever known. She is able to take care of herself, attends great art school and has a wonderful best friend, but something feels like it is missing. It’s like part of who she is has been taken away. When she meets Akiva, a fire winged angel, something in her snaps. She instantly feels connected to him, despite the fact that at their first meeting, he tried to kill her. He feels it too and as they are faced with this strange and intimate connection, they find something extraordinary that may save a world that Akiva knows and one that Karou is soon to remember.

See? I cannot do it justice. I told you. Enough with my blabbering. Go read this book. NOW. I know you’ll love it. When Ms. Taylor’s magical world finally releases you, come back here and tell me what you think.

I received an ARC from the publisher, Little Brown, for review. This book is on sale now! Ms. Taylor will also be joining us on Authors are ROCKSTARS! later this month.


  1. You had me at these words:

    master seductress- (Awesome writer!)
    winged angel- Hot (Really Hot)
    he tried to kill her- (drama)

    I love this mysterious review, I just feel like reaching for this book on my shelf and reading it without reading the the back lol

  2. I read it. Loved it. Now I cant wait to see some of those scenes played out on the big screen. :)

  3. I love you guys!! Such great comments. :D Let me know what you think Ashley and Jess. Karen, I know!! I think it would make a great movie, but I worry about losing the poetry of Ms. Taylor's words. She's so bloody brilliant!

  4. I was not entirely sure about it when you said so emphatically, "You haaaave to read it", but I am a bit intrigued with this review and upon reflection. I will go ahead and put it on my very long book queue :) I may even read it before Emily's in school!

  5. Michelle, i felt exactly the same way. See my review on GR! No words can do it justice. It's the best piece of fiction I've read in a LOOOOONG time.

  6. I loved reading this book. This is the first book in a while that I couldn't predict anything. She left me guessing until the end, you give great recommendations!

    1. YAY SARAH! That makes me happy that you liked it. :D Megan just started reading this one. Reading your comment and listening to Megan talk about it makes me want to read it AGAIN!


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