Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Iron Knight by Julie Kagawa

What can I say? This series holds a special place in my heart. I started blogging because I loved the Iron Fey series so much (read my review of “The Iron Queen”). Julie Kagawa finishes off this story with a bang. I stayed up way past my bedtime and had tears in my eyes by the time I reached the end. I do not think I’ll be able to do this wonderful finale justice, but I need to tell you all about it anyway.

This book is told from the perspective of Ash, as he pursues his quest to be reunited with Meghan in the Iron Kingdom. Team Ash fans, you are going to LOVE this book. Ash is such an interesting character. He grew up in the Seelie court, where emotion is a weakness and life is cruel. Somehow, he found love, not once, but twice. His first love was killed before his eyes due to the carelessness of his friend, the infamous Puck. He thought he’d never love again, but then he met Meghan, the half human daughter of the Summer King, and his world was turned upside down. As a faery, he can not step foot in the Iron Kingdom, the part of the Nevernever that Meghan now rules. He must figure out someway to be with her, even if he loses a part of himself in the process.

As I said above, I cannot tell you enough how much I loved this book. There are so many faery stories out there, but this one is seriously the best one ever written. Ms. Kagawa gracefully combines traditional faery lore with creative elements to compose a world that is both magical and frightening. Though Ash can be a somewhat cold character (wah wah, winter prince = cold, get it?), you really get to know him emotionally in this book. His quest is heartbreaking at times so be sure to have a box of tissues nearby, you’ll need them.

“The Iron Knight” is scheduled to be released on October 25, 2011 and is published by HarlequinTeen. I received a digital ARC from the publisher for review via The first three books in the series, “The Iron King”, “The Iron Daughter”, and “The Iron Queen” are available now.

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