Friday, December 24, 2010

Here Lies Bridget by Paige Harbison

I have mixed feelings after finishing "Here Lies Bridget" by Paige Harbison. This novel tells the story of mean girl Bridget Duke, who basically is a carbon copy of "Mean Girls" character Regina George. She rules the school through fear and celebrity. Some of her peers worship her, others despise her. What Bridget doesn't realize is that she is a psychological bully.

The first portion of the book was hard to get through. I didn't see any redeeming characteristics in Bridget's character. I know that the author said a few times that she was a better person (especially around love interest, Liam). However, we never saw it. I think that had we seen a bit more of the softer side of Bridget prior to her time in purgatory/judgement... maybe I would have felt a bit sorrier for her as she saw how much she's hurt the people in her life.

Her time in judgement helped raise this book from a one star to a two star (using scale of two stars = "it was OK"). This portion of the book was incredibly well written and emotionally powerful. I really connected to Bridget's character (finally!) and I loved the journey she went through as she saw her actions through someone else's eyes.

Well, this review may be short, but it just about covers it. Get past the first portion of the book. If you were bullied in high school, it may be a bit hard to stomach, but once you're through, it's actually a lovely tale of redemption and doing the right thing.

"Here Lies Bridget" published by Harlequin Teen. They provided me with an advanced reader's copy. The book is scheduled to be released in February 2011.

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