Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Crave by Melissa Darnell

Gosh I hate to finish this year out with a negative review, but what can ya do? I always try to be honest with you, folks. When I squeal with delight, I more than likely did actually squeal out loud. I don’t want everything I write on here to be cheerful and sunny positive things when that’s not the reality. There are just some bad books out there. I avoid writing about them when I can. Today though, I could not avoid it.

Today I’m going to write about a book that I read (or mostly read) lately - “Crave” by Melissa Darnell.

I made it further into “Crave” by Melissa Darnell. This book had a powerful, interesting opening. I really liked the male love interest, Tristan, so whenever Ms. Darnell switched to his POV, I was drawn back in. Unfortunately, around page 160 or so, I had my fill. The characters felt flat and quite frankly, I found our heroine, Savannah, obnoxious. I was a rebellious teen who didn’t get along with my parents all the time, but COME ON. To avoid spoiling it for you, I just couldn’t deal with her making stupid, petty decisions. I also cannot stand giant information dumps and the scene where Savannah finds out why she’s been ill...drove me crazy. Maybe I’m just cranky lately, but as I said, I kept reading. After awhile though, I just felt “meh” about this one and had to let it go.

Too many juicy books out there to read, too little time. I’ll to post one more review this year so we don’t end on a negative note, but just in case - HAPPY NEW YEAR!

The book I reviewed today was published by Harlequin Teen. I was provided an ARC via “Crave” has been out since October.


  1. You give books more time than I normally do, if I'm going to give up on them. My negative reviews for the year just went up yesterday:

  2. I've had a few books pick up at that point and end up being awesome so I always TRY to tolerate a slow start if I can. I started another one yesterday that looks like I may have to put it down. I've read too many AMAZING dystopians lately to waste my time on something that moves slowly. I'm too impatient.


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