Thursday, June 16, 2011

Forgotten by Cat Patrick

I’ve been having a hard time writing this review. I enjoyed “Forgotten” by Cat Patrick while reading it, but as it came to an end, I found myself disengaging from the plot line. Ms. Patrick is a very talented writer and I hate to put a negative vibe out there because as I said, I did enjoy “Forgotten”, but the plot line was very ambitious and I just feel like it was missing...something. I’m not quite sure what that something is though. I enjoyed the ride and would definitely recommend it despite this weird hang up of mine.

Everyday is a new day, but we always come into it knowing what happened the day before. For London Lane though, all she has is a note. For some reason, London remembers things from her future, but not from her past. It sure doesn’t make high school life or friendships/relationships easy. Talk about awkward! To top it all off, London is plagued with nightmares and she can’t determine who they are about or the “when” these nightmares come from. She decides it’s time to dig into her past beyond the notes and journals she keeps for herself. To quote, “Part psychological drama, part romance, and part mystery, this thought-provoking novel will inspire readers to consider the what-if's in their own lives and recognize the power they have to control their destinies.”

“Forgotten” is such an interesting read and as I mentioned before, an ambitious concept. I really enjoyed watching London unravel her past without being able to access the memories locked in her mind. Ms. Patrick’s writing is splendid. She took on a lot with this novel and I think she handled it quite well. I fell in love with the characters and the romance between our heroine and Lucas. It’s just SO sweet. I absolutely love friendship based romance and this one is delightful. The book started to lose me towards the end, partially because I wanted to stay focused on Cat and her life rather than on the conflict presented. It wasn’t like Ms. Patrick’s writing wasn’t engaging (I cannot emphasize enough that this book is so well written!). I don’t know why... I’m just a weirdo.

Seriously, this book is really interesting and a great read for anyone who enjoys a good psychological drama and/or romance. It is unlike any other book on the market right now so read it for a complete change of pace. I’m sure you’ll love it!

I received a copy of “Forgotten” from publisher. It is published by Little, Brown for Young Readers and was released on June 7th of this year.

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