Monday, November 14, 2011

Fateful by Claudia Gray

“Fateful” is a paranormal romance with werewolves, set on the Titanic.

I know what you’re thinking... “Werewolves on the Titanic?!”

Now, hold on a minute. Say it aloud a few times. Werewolves on the Titanic. Werewolves ON the Titanic. WEREWOLVES on the TITANIC.

Yup. It just SANK (wah wah wah) in a bit, didn’t it? Claudia Gray’s “Fateful” is pure brilliance. What a clever idea! It’s a beautiful mesh of historical and paranormal, making a lot of fun for fans of either genre. For people like me who love both? It is a gift!

Tess is a servant to a once wealthy noble family who is making the voyage to New York hoping to marry the daughter, whom Tess waits on, into money before the family name isn’t enough anymore. Tess is determined to free herself from her mistress’ odious mother and brother upon arriving in New York City. She’s saved up and as soon as her feet hit the ground, she’s giving her notice and starting a new life. Prior to even boarding the ship though, Tess meets a mysterious young man named Alec. He saves her from a rabid wolf and then dismisses her quickly with a threat. She runs into him again aboard the ship and finds herself attracted to him despite his aura of danger. She is quickly drawn into a world full of dangerous men who can turn into wolves and who want something possessed by the family she works for. The werewolf they sent will stop at nothing to get it. He is actually looking forward to toying with and then killing her along the way. Despite all this danger, Tess and Alec fall in love and with this strength, they go into battle - willing to face whatever the evening brings, be it murderous werewolves or their ship hitting an iceberg.

Claudia Gray is a fantastic writer. She weaves together historical and paranormal elements with amazing agility and grace in “Fateful”. It’s such a perfect fusion of both that fans of either genre will be pleased with the result. I know I was! The werewolves aren’t cheesy and are truly frightening. Tess is definitely one tough cookie, but it’s not out of character for her or just due to the love she’s found in Alec. The life of a servant in this time period was incredibly tough and it made Tess into who she was. I could go on and on trying to appeal to all the potential worries that I see people having, but then this review would be BORING! Just trust me, okay? “Fateful” by Claudia Gray is definitely worth reading.

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“Fateful” by Claudia Gray is published by HarperTeen and came out in September. I purchased a copy to giveaway over on Authors are ROCKSTARS!


  1. Love this review! I can't wait to recommend this to my library teens. I just want a chance to say, out loud, "Werewolves ON THE TITANIC!!!" :D

  2. I enjoyed the interview with Claudia on "Authors are ROCKSTARS!" It sounded like she did a lot of research.


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