Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Random Swag Giveaway

I have a LOT of swag.. from lip balm to temporary tattoos to bookmarks. I want to share it with you, my readers. I know I know. I had said I was going to save it all for my end of the year blow out, but I just can't wait. I love to mail presents. :)

All you have to do is fill out the form. If you haven't left a comment on one of my reviews yet, then please do & you'll be eligible. This contest IS open internationally so have at thee my non-US residing friends.

The contest will end on Friday, July 22nd at 11am Pacific. Spread the word via Twitter, Facebook, whatever. I'll be choosing a handful of winners. :)

The winners are...
  • Ashlynn Rae
  • Renu
  • Haley Keller
I'll email you shortly to get your addresses. :) Thanks for entering everyone!

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